People who lose excess weight may have excess skin in many parts of the body after weight loss. These include the abdomen, arms, lower back, back and thighs. This excess skin makes the individual look overweight, and it should be surgically removed to make them achieve the ideal body shape.

Will there be any scar after the surgery?

In thigh lift surgery, excess skin in the inner thigh region is removed. Depending on the extent of excess skin, a scar extending towards the knee is formed on the inner surface of the thigh. The scar disappears over time, but not completely.

The surgical process…

The surgery is performed under general or regional anesthesia. The operative time is approximately 2 hours. One day of hospitalization is recommended. There may be pain after the surgery, but you are provided to get over this period in the most comfortable way with painkillers. There may also be bruising and tenderness in the surgical site, which usually resolves within two weeks. Two weeks of corset use is recommended after the surgery. By means of this corset, it is aimed to prevent the accumulation of fluid and development of edema in the surgical site. After the operation, it is necessary to wait 6 months to achieve the desired ideal appearance. Daily activities can be started ten days later. It is necessary to wait one month for light sports and three months for heavy sports. The patient can take a bath on the fourth day after the surgery.

Routine follow-ups are planned as the first week, second week, first month, third month and the first year.

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