There are many products that have been shown to directly affect cell renewal. These products are vitamin-mineral complexes and various organic-inorganic components. Mesotherapy is performed by applying these products to the region where direct effect is desired to be obtained.

Which regions are treated?

Mesotherapy can be performed in two ways: skin and hair mesotherapy. Different combinations are used according to these two different treatment options and the need.

How long is the operative time and how many sessions should be performed?

The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. The procedure is performed in sessions. According to the need of the individual, 3-6 sessions can be performed. The sessions are performed at one week intervals.

Is the procedure painful?

Pain is minimized by applying a numbing cream before facial mesotherapy. An anesthetic drug is added to the cocktail in hair mesotherapy.

What effects are seen?

In general, three different combinations are recommended in facial mesotherapy depending on the need. The first one is an antioxidant combination and is aimed at restoring the damage caused by oxidative stress on the face. It is aimed at eliminating the wearing effect on the skin. It provides an increase in skin quality, brightness and renewal. The second combination has antiaging property and is intended to remove the effects of aging on the skin. The third combination has a lifting effect and is aimed at strengthening the collagen and elastin proteins, which provide flexibility in the skin over time. In hair mesotherapy, vitamin-mineral and various combinations are used to strengthen weakened hair follicles. Hair follicles are expected to strengthen and an increase is expected in hair growth and hair quality. Another effect is the restoration of hair production from hair follicles that have not lost their vitality but stopped hair production.

Does it have any side effect?

If the patient is allergic to the products in mesotherapy, this should be considered. Apart from that, no side effect is expected since the products contained are nourishing. Only injection-related complications may occur. This risk is minimized in experienced hands.

What should be considered after the procedure?

Daily normal activities can be continued. Sun protection is of benefit on the day of the procedure. On the evening of the procedure, the face can be washed normally.