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The term “stem cell” has become very popular nowadays. The vast majority of scientific studies conducted in recent years are on stem cells. So what do stems cells mean? Stem cells are the cells that can replicate themselves and differentiate into other cells if necessary. The most basic stem cells are found in the embryo. While these cells have the capacity to form the entire system, tissue and organs of an individual, stem cells found in adults can only differentiate into the cells of certain tissues. In other words, every human being has stem cells. The number of these cells decreases with increasing age.

Connective tissue is the most common tissue found in the human body. It surrounds all organs, spaces, and forms the musculoskeletal system, cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. The most basic cell of connective tissue is fibroblast. Fibroblasts produce proteins and intermediates, which are the basic building blocks of connective tissue. The quality of the connective tissue decreases with increasing age as the number of fibroblasts decreases in our body. As a result, aging occurs.

The procedure is to reproduce fibroblasts in the laboratory environment and readminister them into the body. In this procedure, a small piece of skin sample is taken from behind the ear. The fibroblasts in the skin sample that are transported to certified laboratories under appropriate conditions are isolated by breaking down and proliferated under appropriate sterile conditions. The proliferation process takes 4 weeks. The fibroblasts produced are injected into the desired area in 3 sessions at two-week intervals. The goal is to increase the number of current fibroblasts. In this way, the production of connective tissue proteins and intermediates is increased. The primary goal is to reduce the effects of aging and slow down aging.

Since fibroblast injection is an individualized treatment, the treatment has no serious side effects. Because the production takes place in completely sterile conditions, the risk of infection is scarcely any.