PRP is a completely natural product prepared from the individual’s own blood. It does not contain any additives. In this treatment, a variety of stimulation and growth factors stored in platelets, which act during bleeding and stop bleeding and activate tissue healing, are used. Platelets and a small amount of plasma are collected from 10-20mL blood taken from the individual to be treated and injected into the administration site. During the injection, vascular injury is imitated by the effect of microtrauma created in that area, activating platelets. In this way, the factors in platelets are released into the environment and stimulate cells in the surrounding tissues. This resulting stimulation at the cellular level affects the tissue positively in many ways.

What are the areas of use of PRP?

PRP can be used in any area where tissue healing and regeneration is desired to be accelerated. It can be used for the healing of unclosed chronic wounds, burn treatment, fracture healing, skin rejuvenation, hair loss treatment, joint and soft tissue diseases.

Does it have any side effect?

Since PRP is a product that is 100% individual and completely prepared from the individual’s own blood, it does not have any side effect. Only injection-related complications may occur. This risk is minimized in experienced hands.

What should be the frequency of administration?

Minimum 3 sessions and 2 weeks interval between the sessions is recommended to see the effect. The administration should be repeated every 6-9 months depending on the need.

What kind of effect is seen?

Stimulation at the cellular level occurs in the administration site. In administrations to the face, there may be an increase in skin quality and brightness, regeneration, partial improvement in spots, and a reduction in pores. Hair follicles are targeted in hair administrations. By stimulating hair follicles, it is aimed to accelerate the growth of the hair, strengthen it, increase its resistance to external factors and get rid of the negative effects of testosterone. The important point here is that PRP is a cellular treatment and its effect varies from person to person.

What should be considered after the procedure?

Daily normal activities can be continued. Sun protection is of benefit on the day of the procedure. On the evening of the procedure, the face can be washed normally.