Breasts may sag with the effect of gravity over time. Especially after pregnancy and breast feeding period, sagging is common in the breasts. The aim of breast lift surgery is to create an aesthetically pleasing breast with the ideal size proportional to the body structure without disrupting the function of the breast.

Will there be any scar after the surgery?

Since it is necessary to remove excess skin in these surgeries, the scar is inevitable. Surgery plan and scar to form after the surgery vary depending on the current breast volume of the individual. All plastic surgery skills are used to make the scars look as good as possible. The postoperative interventions also aim to heal as invisible as possible.

Are the function and breastfeeding ability of the breasts impaired after the surgery?

In breast reduction surgery, the breast tissue is lifted while the milk ducts and the functional properties of the nipple are preserved by the techniques developed over the years. Unless complications develop after the surgery, breast functions are preserved.

How is the surgery planned?

The main difference of breast lift surgery from breast reduction surgery is only to remove skin in breast lift surgery. A small amount of breast tissue can also be removed if necessary. Basically, breast tissue that is displaced downwards is elevated and excess skin is removed.

If breast tissue is insufficient to create the desired breast shape, the use of prosthesis may also be required. The patient’s expectation along with preoperative physical examination is guiding in the planning of the operation and the requirement for prosthesis.

The surgical process…

The operative time is approximately 3 hours. Patients usually stay in the hospital for one day after the surgery. The drains are removed the next day and they are discharged. Patients can take a bath on the fourth day postoperatively and start their daily physical activities a week later. It is necessary to wait one month for light sports and three months for heavy sports. A special bra is used postoperatively. This bra is designed to minimize pressure on the breast tissue. Thus, the scars heal better. It is recommended to use this bra for a month.

Routine follow-ups are planned as the first week, second week, first month, third month and the first year.

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