Cosmetic female genital surgery is labiaplasty in which inner lip deformities are corrected. Deformity occurs in the external structures of the female genital organ after birth. Moreover, since these structures are sensitive to estrogen, they grow and become deformed with the effect of hormones over time.

The surgical process…

Labiaplasty surgery is performed under general, regional or local anesthesia. The operative time is about 45 minutes and hospitalization is determined by the type of anesthesia. The surgical scars are hidden in an unrecognizable way. After the surgery, dressings are opened the next day and no additional dressing is applied. Only the sanitary pad is used for a week. Edema usually occurs and is reduced by 80% within two weeks. The surgery does not result in any loss of sensation or impairment of sexual functions. It is necessary to avoid sexual intercourse for a month. Vaginal tightening surgery can also be performed simultaneously. In addition, if the outer lips are large, they can be reduced by performing liposuction surgery.

Routine follow-ups are planned as the first week and the first month.

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