Type of Anesthesia
General Anesthesia

Surgery Duration
1 Hour

Hospital Stay
1 Day

Stay in Istanbul
5 Day

Return to Social Life
5 Day

The perception of aesthetic breast has changed over the years. Today, the expected result from breast augmentation surgery is a natural look, proper shape and symmetry. It is also aimed to make breasts proportional to the rest of the body. The ideal outcome of the surgery is not related to how much the breast is augmented, but about achieving the ideal size.

The individual’s existing breast tissue and structure is the most important determinant of the outcome of the surgery. Aiming at the best result with the smallest prosthesis is the approach that will provide the most benefit to the individual in the long term. The scientific studies have shown that the cosmetic surgery that most increases women’s self-confidence is breast augmentation surgery.

Who can get breast augmentation surgery?
Any woman over 18 who is not happy with size of their breasts can get this surgery.

How should the ideal breast be?
The breast should have sufficient volume to look natural and beautiful, and the nipples should look slightly elevated and sideways when viewed from the front.

How the breast augmentation surgery is done?
Breast augmentation surgery is done with silicon prosthetics that are adapted under the breast tissue. With an approximately 5cm long cut made under the breast, implant is placed by entering into the desired plane.

In which plane is it more suitable to place the prosthesis?
The prosthesis can mainly be placed in two planes. The first is the sub-muscular plane. The second one is the plane on the muscle and under the breast tissue. The selection of plane and prosthesis varies depending on the patient’s current condition. It is necessary to adjust the plane depending on the amount of existing breast tissue. If the existing breast tissue is sufficient, the prosthesis should be placed above the muscle. If there is little or no breast tissue, the prosthesis is placed under the muscle to provide sufficient breast tissue to cover the prosthesis.

Will there be any scar after the surgery?
One of the most wondered issues is the question of whether there will be any scar. It is certainly necessary to make an incision to place the prosthesis. This incision is approximately 5cm long and hidden under the inframammary fold. Scarring due to the cut is unavoidable. However, the scar is hidden by taking advantage of the normal anatomical structure of the body.

Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery?
No intervention is made to the breast tissue and milk ducts during the surgery. In all cases, the prosthesis remains behind the breast tissue.

The surgical process
The operation takes approximately 45 minutes. It is performed under general anesthesia. The length of hospital stay is one day. Patients are discharged the next day. The patient can take a bath on the fourth day after the surgery. Pain may arise after the surgery. However, this pain is relieved by painkillers. Daily activities can be started a week later. It is necessary to wait one month for light sports and three months for heavy sports. A special bra is used postoperatively. This bra is designed to minimize pressure on the breast tissue. Thus, the scars heal better. It is recommended to use this bra for a month.

Routine follow-ups are planned as the first week, first month, third month and the first year.